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Coaching and Strategy

Select the areas of interest that most concern you at the moment to discover in detail what my services can do for you!

Relationship or Family Matters?

Transform habits that hinder your enjoyment of love and intimacy. Gain confidence and self-esteem.

Feeling Sick?

Explore natural therapies and medical intuitive counselling to enhance your healing process.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

If you’re anxious, depressed, or angry, you’re not alone. I can help. Compassionate crisis counselling.

Trouble at Work?

Get help for workplace issues, career change, business development, hiring decisions, and marketing advice.


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Build Your Life

These packages are designed to give you ongoing support to restructure your life on a personal and professional level. Pick the package that suits your needs. Packages never expire. Use the hours as you need them over the short or long term.

Get the continuity you need to succeed! Whether you’re going through a career change, a move, a relationship break-up, or dealing with core patterns that are affecting your ability to enjoy life, I’m here to offer ongoing, compassionate care – and I’m enthusiastic about helping you appreciate and develop your confidence, strength, and belief in yourself.

Save $10 per session when you book five one-hour intuitive counselling/coaching sessions at once. There is no expiration date on your sessions, and you can use them at your own pace.

Sessions are also shareable. Gift one to a family member or friend, and share the satisfaction of personal growth!

I’m ready to change my life!

You ARE your business! How you show up in the world determines how likely people are to do business with you.

I can help you get clarity about the products and services you want to offer, get you started on developing the structure to market them well, and help you build the confidence to present your business to potential clients.

Using a combination of intuitive coaching, PSYCH-K, website development, and marketing and SEO advice, I will give you the guidance to establish a fulfilling and profitable business.

Package is $1800 + GST for a 15-hour block. There is no expiration date on your sessions, and you can use the hours at your own pace, as needed.

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The Next Level

Develop your own intuition and discover its practical uses in your personal and professional life.

My workshops and presentations are designed to re-awaken your innate psychic abilities and apply them to resolving problems in your life.

By participating in my Human Evolution Workshop Series, you join others around the world who are actively engaged in becoming more conscious, more compassionate, and better contributors to a peaceful world.

Stay tuned for online courses currently in development.

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