What Clients are Saying About…

Intuitive Counselling and Coaching

Bonita has an amazing way to reach the true part of you that needs the most gentle and loving nudge. She was so amazing in our session and really gave me the most honest and divine clarity.  I am so grateful for her gift and support, and feel blessed to know her.

JB Owen

Bonita has a talent for zeroing in on the real issues at hand. She’s smart, funny and down-to-earth and offers excellent, insightful, common sense advice.

Erin Gunsinger

During the course of the week, over afternoon tea and walks in the country, we became familiar with Bonita’s gentle, calm, curious and innately intelligent presence. She would put her healing hands on one of our old, sick cats, and the kitty just seemed to rise up to meet her. Some time later, I took two of my friends to visit with Bonita at her office. We all agreed that Bonita’s insightful guidance was worth its weight in gold. We had fun and learned much about ourselves.

Sandra K.

Mentoring for Business Strategies and Entrepreneurship

On behalf of the staff at the University of Victoria, GSB Executive Programs, AND the recent graduates of the LD-ACE program, I just wanted to take a moment to extend our sincere appreciation for your part in making the LD-ACE Cohort #1 a huge success. As a Business Mentor, your advice, support, and encouragement were invaluable. You helped the program participants remain focused on what was important for the success of their business. Thank you for your commitment to sharing your knowledge and past experiences for the sake of the learning of your mentee. Your feedback was extremely valuable and very much appreciated.  As was your willingness to volunteer your time for the sake of the participants of the LD-ACE program. It is because of organizations like yours that we are able to provide a diverse and comprehensive learning experience for our program participants.

Warm regards,
Debra Tamagi
Program Manager/Coach Shuswap Region
University of Victoria, GSB, Executive Programs


One of the greatest gifts I received from working with Bonita is to gain greater awareness of my personal energy and the energy of others. All takes place in a safe and secure circle.

Linda Kobayashi

I recommend Bonita to anyone seeking personal enlightenment.

Carrie zu Putlitz

Bonita’s Chakra’s Crystals and Cards workshop was very informative and lots of fun, with hands-on exercises to help me get started. I recommend you come out and try one of her workshops. Bonita is a gentle and knowledgeable teacher.

J Ard

A very enlightening and fun experience creating a greater awareness of compassion and love that benefits yourself and your environment.

Dodeen Visti, Kelowna, BC

I learned an array of simple exercises to help me become more aware of my energy, and the energy of people around me. Bonita also taught so many skills to use in everyday situations (yeah! compassionate hug!). I came away with the desire and skills to notice my own energy, and how/why it does what it does with others. Had lots of fun – the three hours literally flew by!

Nicole Brown, Kelowna, BC

Thanks for the workshop on energy. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was quite pleased with what you offered. The pace was perfect and allowed us good time to practice what you were teaching us. The “hands on” certainly contributed to a successful and enjoyable experience. Your calm demeanour definitely contributed to a relaxed environment and one that encouraged open discussion.


I so enjoyed taking Bonita’s workshop “Writing From the Subconscious” With the gentle and playful nudge of creative and fun exercises I was able to effortlessly access and explore the depths of my own writing potential. Bonita has an exuberant and passionate approach, which fosters and irresistibly inspires enthusiasm and creativity in others.

Ingrid Nazar, Kelowna, BC

Most sincere thanks, Bonita, for the most authentic and enjoyable evening in recent memory. Your workshop was a delight.

Erin Gunsinger, Kingston, ON

Healing Touch

Bonita brought calm and healing to my life during a time of turmoil. She is caring and very adept, both with Therapeutic Touch and Tarot Reading. I highly recommend her and her services!

Tracy H.

Bonita cured an inflamed lip which I had with her body healing force. It was quite interesting that it worked, as I am usually a little skeptical of ‘spiritual healing’ and such. However, the proof is in the pudding. Bonita healed my lip, and I’d like to say thank you for that.

Anthony A.

I met Bonita at a time in my life that was very stressful and filled with anxiety. Deep in my soul, I knew I needed something that conventional medicine could not provide me. I called Bonita on the advice of a friend for a Therapeutic Touch session. I felt more relaxed than I had in months. Later, I had a session that provided me with clear insight on my life’s journey. Thanks, Bonita.


Have you ever placed a dry blanket in the dryer for 5 minutes and then put it on your body? That was the feeling I had after receiving one of Bonita’s healing touch treatments. My whole body was refreshed with good energy circulating, particularly in my left arm. A very beneficial treatment.

Karen A.

Bonita’s magic hands brought healing to my son after he fell and nearly bit his little tongue off. Through distance Therapeutic Touch from Bonita, my son’s tongue felt so much better. In fact, he was able to start nursing again. He told me, “Mommy, it no hurt anymore!” Thank you so much Bonita! My son and I are so grateful to you and your powerful hands!

Tracy H.

Firstly, Bonita’s ‘way of going’ is a most attractive witness to her character. She is intelligent, calm and understanding. Her voice is modulated, and her manner serene. She thus imparts, even before treatment, an assurance of well-being. She is not only capable; she is selfless with her time and patience. We all need a bit, nay more than a bit, of people like her.

V.B. T.

BONITA SUMMERS – a lovely name that says it all. A sunny personality, Bonita is caring and thoughtful with great professionalism in her chosen fields of massage, Therapeutic Touch and grief counselling.

Paula W.